Write for Us!

Writing for Fire Up Your Online Business (FUYOB) is a great opportunity to gain experience, and for select writers, the potential to gain immense exposure. This site will grant you an instant platform and audience, and will afford you the ability to connect with a vast readership from all over the world. Read more below about what it takes…

What is FUYOB Looking for?

Fresh and Original Content: We are looking for catchy, creative, engaging, original, and unpublished writing. So, if you are a writer with a passion for the written word, a creative and engaging tone, and a unique style, then please keep reading.

Engaging Topics: The main areas of interest to FUYOB readers are:

  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset: Posts about what it takes to be an online business owner, motivational tips, overcoming challenges and fears, etc.
  2. How-To Tutorials: Posts about all the cool tools and techniques we’ve learned about building websites in WordPress; making sales and marketing funnels in ClickFunnels; building membership sites and continuity programs in Kajabi (both Classic and New); running ad campaigns on Facebook; tracking email, Facebook, and ad campaigns with link tracking software; and setting up behavioral email marketing campaigns in email autoresponder services; using design software such as Pixelmator and Canva, and much more.
  3. How They Fired It Up: A series of posts containing stories about successful entrepreneurs (both new and seasoned) about how they got involved in online business and some of their pitfalls and successes along the way.
  4. Know Your Numbers: Posts about the importance of analytics and tracking your progress in your online business. Topics covered include: Google Analytics Goal and Event tracking; using ClickMagick click tracking, link rotation, and link management; the Facebook Pixel and Facebook Standard Events; and other such metrics and analytics tracking stuff.
  5. Productivity & Planning: Posts about planning your first (or next) online course, orchestrating a successful online product launch, staying organized with tools like Basecamp, sketching out sales and marketing funnel plans (even if you can’t draw!), and much more.
  6. Sales & Marketing: Posts about how to improve your sales and marketing funnels, how and why to split-test, tips and tricks to craft your headlines and sales copy, and tons more.
  7. Tools & Reviews: Posts about online tools we think are cool. This will include honest product reviews and how we ourselves use them or would use them (because sometimes we might not be actively using a given tool at the moment).

Submission Guidelines & Tips:

Admittedly, this list might appear a bit daunting. Don’t let that deter you. This list actually contains the secrets of making a truly successful and fruitful blog post with FUYOB. Your post will have a much greater chance of getting the exposure that we all desire if you follow these guidelines.

  1. File Type: Submit your post as a Microsoft Word or Mac Pages document.
  2. Word Count: minimum of 1,000 words.
  3. Spaces After Periods: We appreciate only one space after a full stop/period for the purpose of starting a new sentence.
  4. Use Creative Headings: Break your post up into sections by using creative headings. Every paragraph or two is good.
  5. Numbers in the Body: Numbers in non-headlines from 1-9 should be written alphabetically i.e. one, two, three. Numbers from 10 onwards should be in numeric format i.e. 10, 11, 12.
  6. Include Pictures: Try to include at least 2 pictures that are relevant to your post. We respect copyright and always like to give credit where credit is due. Therefore, please use the following sites as resources:

    List all images with title, credit, and link at the end of your post. Please also indicate where images should be included in your post like this: [ insert image #1 here ].

  7. Refer to Books: If a book happens to go along with your post, please reference it from Amazon.com by book title, author name, and direct link to Amazon.com. If we decide to include it, we will handle coding this into the site and placing an image of the book cover in your post for you.
  8. Ask for Engagement: We recommend asking readers of your post to engage you in the comments section. This will bring more traffic to the site. One way to ensure this is to sprinkle questions to the audience throughout your post and to end with a clear call for participation. That said, please feel free to be creative in your own way.
  9. Write a Short Description: Please include a 155-character-or-less description (including spaces) of your post that describes your article in the most direct and engaging way. For example: The importance of seasonal living and how being outdoors, noticing nature’s signs, and seasonal activities can increase one’s awareness. (That was 136 characters, with spaces).
  10. Include Your Biography: Unless you are ghostwriting for us, please provide a short bio citing your education and interests. This will be displayed at the bottom of every article you write.
  11. Share Your Post: If your submission is selected and published, we encourage you to share it with all of your family and friends via email, your website, and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Where do I send my submission?

Once your draft submission is prepared (based on the aforementioned guidelines and tips), please submit it to: editor at fuyob.com, or, if you connected with us via Upwork.com, please submit your draft there.