How to Add Facebook Comments to a Kajabi Blog Post (the Better Way)

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I was working with a client today (hey Gena Horiatis!) and she wanted to have comments on her Kajabi blog. We quickly found out that the suggested method to add Facebook comments sends people back to the blog homepage, and not to the individual blog post itself. This is fine for some, but I wanted to go “next-level”. So I started digging… and this is what I came up with, along with the solution! Hope it helps…

The Video Walkthrough

The Steps

Step 1 – Follow the steps in the official Kajabi Helpdesk article, which shows you how to implement Facebook comments on your Kajabi blog.

Step 2 – Replace your blog/site URL with this exact snippet of code:

{{ canonical_url }}

Additional references mentioned in the video:

1.) Facebook Comments Plugin Code Generator

2.) Kajabi Liquid Documentation for {{ canonical_url }}

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