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  • Lesson 1: Why there's no such thing as an "overnight" success

  • Lesson 2: The real reason you don't have enough leads

  • Lesson 3: How to unscramble your eggs

  • Lesson 4: How to avoid kicking yourself over missed opportunities

  • Lesson 5: Grow a thriving tribe, even if you're an introvert

  • Lesson 6: Getting your "ka-ching" on

  • Lesson 7: Mastering the art of eyeball collection

  • Lesson 8: How do you know things are working?

  • Lesson 9: The Grand Finale and Conclusion

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Moore – Sales Funnel & Marketing Automation Strategist

Chris is a former management executive at the hugely successful software company ClickFunnels and is founder of Fire Up Your Online Business (FUYOB) and FUYOB Academy. He loves helping people to achieve greater success in their businesses. Most days you’ll find him answering questions on Facebook or email, creating awesome new content, reading business and marketing books at a local coffee shop, or playing electric guitar. πŸ™‚

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Testimonials About Chris and His Work…

“This is one of the best email courses I have ever seen. Very insightful information. I loved the casual language, too. It was like Chris was talking to me like a friend, not some stale corporate voice from afar. If you’re looking to create better content and increase your leads, get this course!”

Nathan Garcia
Investment Expert

“I’ve worked with Chris on projects and he has a real gift for explaining things in a way that you can easily understand. Others have answered 10,000 questions for me, but they don’t provide the “surprise” details that Chris does. Don’t wait another second, get this course!”

Cristi Cooke
Creator of the Pillars of Geniusβ„’ Method

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