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“Fire Up Your Online Business” (FUYOB) Goes Live!

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So here it is, the launch of Fire Up Your Online Business, or FUYOB (pronounced “foo-yawb”), for short.

Here’s a handy little audio snippet to show you how we say it. Make sure to smile when you hear this. It’s good for the soul… 🙂

If you’re reading this right now I want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read these words and to connect with us. Thank you for showing your support by simply being here.

And a congratulations is in order, too! You’re in for a trip here, we promise you that.

My name is Chris Moore, and I’ve been serving, learning, working, developing (websites), selling, marketing, coaching, and teaching online for almost a decade now. I’ve been using computers for much longer than that, of course (since the 1980’s, to be exact), and I’ve been online since the 90’s, but it took me a while to truly figure out this “online business” thing. I fumbled around for years it seems – doing this, starting that, building this, getting excited about that.

But nothing seemed to click…

That all changed though, and this blog is here to show you how it’s done and how you too can find success online. In a word, we’re here to help you to Fire Up Your Online Business (FUYOB)!

For now, I want to welcome you and give you a little tour of what’s to come.

Why This Website and How Will This Be Different?

Ah yes, the good old USP (unique selling proposition).

I’ll be honest with you here. We don’t have it all figured out just yet. But you know what? We’re starting anyways. Mona (my amazing wife) and I believe that “taking massive imperfect action” is greater and more important than sitting around philosophizing about how great this or that could be, but not doing anything about it!

So here we are, flaws and all. Ready to take on the world.

So what are we going to talk about and learn here?

The Fire Up Your Online Business (FUYOB) blog will be all about “Tools, Tips, and Tricks to Fire Up Your Online Business” and it will come in 7 different flavors (as of our launch in late November of 2015). I’m sure this will be refactored, edited, or expanded as we progress, but for now, this is what we’re looking to do to serve you.

1.) Entrepreneurial Mindset

This will be a bedrock category. There is so much inspiration to share about mindset. Mona and I have been through so much together on this entrepreneurial journey, and we have tons of tips, tricks, and insights to share. We can’t wait!

2.) How-To Tutorials

This part is going to be my personal favorite. I can’t wait to share with you all the cool tools and techniques I’ve learned about building websites in WordPress; making sales and marketing funnels and landing pages with Instapage and ClickFunnels; building membership sites and continuity programs in New Kajabi; running ad campaigns on Facebook; tracking email, Facebook, and ad campaigns with ClickMagick or Improvely; and setting up behavioral email marketing campaigns in Drip and ActiveCampaign (and the list will grow for sure).

Mona will cover awesome things like how to conduct successful webinars and online courses with GoToWebinar (charging fees that respect your time and effort), using design software such as Pixelmator (advanced) and Canva (easier), rocking your social media presence on Facebook (through Pages and Groups), and much, much more.

3.) Know Your Numbers

This is going to be another category in which I’m going to geek out. But don’t worry, our goal throughout this website is to keep things simple and quick, fast and easy. We sincerely mean that. In this area we will cover things like: Google Analytics Goal and Event tracking; Google Tag Manager (to install code snippets on your websites, like the Facebook Pixel); ClickMagick click tracking, link rotation, and link management; Facebook Standard Events; and other such metrics and analytics tracking stuff.

4.) Productivity & Planning

This will probably be Mona’s favorite area of the blog, but I’m sure I’ll chime in, too. Here we’ll cover things like planning your first (or next) online course; orchestrating a successful online product launch; staying organized with tools like Basecamp; sketching out sales and marketing funnel plans (even if you can’t draw!); and much more.

5.) Sales & Marketing

We’ll cover how to improve your sales and marketing funnels, how and why to split-test, tips and tricks to craft your headlines and sales copy, wading into the glorious world of marketing automation (especially with Drip and ActiveCampaign), and tons more.

6.) Tools & Reviews

Only the best baby. 😉 We will never, ever bore you or annoy you with junk. It’s simply not our style. If we think a tool is cool, we will tell you about it, review it objectively, tell you the pros and cons (from our perspective), and how we ourselves use it or would use it (sometimes we love certain tools, but don’t actually use them at the moment).

7.) Announcements

And finally, this will be where we let you know about all the cool things that are going on with us or around the web. No blog would be complete without this category, right?

In Conclusion, Our Friends

Once again, we are super excited to have you here and we sincerely look forward to bringing you awesome content.

Until then, Fire Up Your Online Business! Fuuuyob!!! 🙂

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Chris Moore

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Chris is a Sales Funnel Expert & Marketing Automation Strategist. He loves helping entrepreneurs and small businesses gain clarity, execute their tasks, and stay motivated. Feel free to connect with him in the comments on this blog or on Facebook/Twitter (linked above).

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  1. Hi Chris and Mona!
    I love this idea, and will be reading every post. I know you’ve got access to all the answers I will ever need, (which is why I consider you a trusted advisor already) and I’m interested in learning more in all the areas you’ve posted.

    I love the know your numbers, help on the funnels and how to ideas. It would be incredible to hear your thoughts on these subjects and have a chance to learn from you, and improve my own funnels. That’s the difficult part of a solo preneur. I don’t have anyone to give me best practices in these areas, so I usually pay someone to look at what I’m doing and offer suggestions. I’m excited to have all my online answers in one place.

    Looking forward to this blog, and participating to the max!!!

    Andrea Samadi

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      Thanks so much for stopping by Andrea! And thanks for affording me the status of “trusted advisor”. It’s truly an honor. 🙂

      Mona and I look forward to bringing you – and all of our current and future readers – some awesome, fun, and actionable content over the coming weeks, months, and years. We’re in this for the long haul. We finally found our “sweet spot” and we’re ready to start cooking and serving! 🙂

      Thanks again!

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